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About WB


The Weiss brothers have been creatively manufacturing together since 2009. Like many successful brothers teams, Milo and Charles started with an idea…work together to build exceptional products for their customers. Over the years, the commitment to their customers has led to a variety of innovative products from diecast scale models and industrial art and furniture to hand fabricated, radio controlled, 20’ tall crawler cranes.

Vermeer Tubgrinder scale model developed in 2009


At Weiss Brothers, we believe that business is more than just a great product, it is about developing rewarding relationships. After all, in many cases, we represent you, your brand, and your ideas. Exceeding your expectations requires a thorough understanding of your business goals, and being able to recommend a solution that perhaps has never been conceived before.

If you need a product quickly, or have an idea but are unsure where to start, Weiss Brothers is a great place. We have manufacturing facilities and partnerships in the US, Australia, and Asia. From casting and plasma cutting to fabrication and finishing, we are a flexible solution and pride ourselves in hitting the mark.

We look forward to speaking with you!


Manitowoc 16000 scale model developed in 2006