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Our 10th Anniversary Story

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Weiss Brothers being officially in business. To celebrate, they are offering a one-time, limited edition run of 300 red chrome Taylor Forklifts branded with Weiss Brothers logos.

Many people might not know that Milo Weiss began his career with a Manitowoc based promotional company in 2004 as a customer service representative. In mid-2005, they started working on models for Manitowoc and Grove, with Milo joining the model-making department in 2006. The first model Milo worked on was the renowned Manitowoc 18000 Diecast model. Projects progressed to the Manitowoc Triple Five, the BUCYRUS® 495, all Oshkosh projects, the iconic Manitowoc 4100 Project, crawlers, towers, ringers, and clam/drag/magnet attachments.

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Soon, Milo traveled around the world, taking photographs and meeting with engineers from Germany, Australia, Canada, Asia, and various states across the US.  A few team members branched off to start TWH, where Milo continued working with customers, engineers, and factories that produced diecast models.  At times, they managed up to 29 projects simultaneously. During Milo's time at TWH, they partnered with P&H to build the well-known P&H 4100 XPC model.

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TWH started installing motors in the BUCYRUS® 495, converting them into radio-controlled models. Charles Weiss, Milo's younger brother, headed this task. Charles quickly discovered a talent for custom painting and was responsible for the Lampson 16000 Manitowoc and the yellow and red 4100 Manitowoc Ringer models. Unfortunately, TWH closed its doors, leaving Milo and Charles without work.

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Both of them decided that they could use their experience and build their own model brand. Weiss Brothers was officially born in 2013. Like many successful brother teams, Milo and Charles started with an idea—work together to build exceptional products for their customers. Over the years, the commitment to their customers has led to a variety of innovative products from diecast scale models and industrial art and furniture to hand fabricated, radio controlled, 20’ tall crawler cranes.