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Industry Updates

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Coming up next month in New Orleans is the ARA The Rental Show.  The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will be loaded with companies showing you what is available for rent in 2018.  Manitowoc is planning to visit and will be in booth #3021 when the show starts on February 18th.

Even though most of the time when a construction company needs to rent a crane they are looking at something can do the heavy lifting.  Well, the company has an option that can lift plenty of weight and fit into small spaces as well.  the  Shuttlelift SCD15 was showcased at the show last year and for 2018, Manitowoc is planning to showcase the model again to show it was design with the rental market in mind.

Product Manager for carrydecks and boom trucks at Manitowoc, Briette Baxter, said that the company has listened to the rental makret and the SCD15 was built to fill those needs.  With plenty of operator focused features an overall design that will bring costs lower, the SCD15 was designed with manufacturing companies, refinery work, food processing and shipyards in mind.

Main features include a wider, more comfortable cabin area, split cab door with sliding glass windows, a full LED lighting package for improved visibility that is low cost to maintain as well and an easy to learn Rated Capacity Limiter system.

When you ask people about other features that come with the Shuttlelift SCD15, one that is mentioned is the centrally located storage box in the front of the unit.  This storage box can be used to store the down haul ball, hook block or rigging equipment. On the right side of the unit, there is another storage area that is perfect for storing smaller equipment and tools that can be accessed easily by the operator.

According to the product manager that helped design that Shuttlelift SCD15, "When rental companies send a piece of lifting equipment out, they often include a hook block, chains and a variety of other components that need to be stowed at some point,” Baxter explained. “Carrydeck cranes are no different, and many of our customers expressed a need for more storage space. That’s why we designed the SCD15 to accommodate each component that comes with it. This crane was built to be an essential tool in the rental customer’s ‘tool box,’ and there’s no better forum to make our case than The Rental Show"


What do you think about the Shuttlelift SCD15?  Do you think it would serve any purpose on construction sites that you work on?

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