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Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100 Lifting Heavy in Utah - Video

Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100 Lifting Heavy in Utah - Video

Posted by Weiss Broz on 14th Dec 2020

Are you a fan of Lampson cranes? Maybe this little timelapse would be enjoyable for you then.

The Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100 is doing some heavy lifting and moving at a mine in Utah recently. According to Lampson, the LTL-1100 and 1000 are two of the most versatile models in the heavy lifting category. The Transi-Lift is a patented configuration "that combines the heavy lifting capacities of stiff leg derricks and ring mounted lift equipment with the mobility of a conventional crawler crane."

The General Specs of Lampson LTL-1100

  • Two(2) Fully Mobile, Individually Powered Crawler Transporters
  • Up to 400′ of Lampson Main Boom
  • Up to 200′ of MEC 27AB Jib
  • Ultimate Capacity up to 1100 U.S. Tons
  • Completely Mobile Under Load
  • Easily Transportable by Conventional Trucks
  • Counterweights Assembled and Filled On-Site
  • Easily Adaptable to All Lift Situations

Both models are great solutions for the needs of the heavy lifting industry today. Allowing crane companies to get some power behind a lift, while at the same time using a crane that does not take up that much space while moving around. 

The Lampson LTL-1100 can maneuver easily, come with adjustable stinger length and multiple options for the boom and jib combinations. Put that together with mechanical reliability and availability worldwide and this crane from Lampson is the best choice for your next heavy lifting project.

Weiss Brothers and Lampson

Over the years we have offered many different Lampson models. That include heavy lift cranes, as well as diecast Ford Truck replicas with Lampson colors and logos.