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HUGE Manitowoc 31000 Shows Up To Help Build Stadium In Arlington

Posted by Weiss Bros on 22nd Dec 2018

Have you ever seen the Manitowoc 31000 in person? This crane has to be one of the largest things that gets put together, after it travels to its destination via truck, in the world. Recently, the Manitowoc 31000 was trucked into Arlington on 150 trucks to help build the brand new stadium with a retractable roof.

The huge crane was based out of Atlanta and was just used to help build the Mercedes Benz Stadium there so the project coordinators knew it was not going to be too long of a trip to bring it over to Arlington. Construction for the brand new stadium is on schedule, despite some rain that hit the area in September and October of this year.

Globe Life Field is scheduled to open in April of 2020 and will be the brand new home of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Being the largest American made crawler crane, the 31000 boasts many features that put it in line with huge jobs like this one.

What does the 31000 have to offer?

With a maximum capacity of 2535 tons and a main boom max length of 345 feet, the Manitowoc 31000 is just the crawler crane needed for those big jobs that require very heavy lifting. The fully enclosed cab is equipped with large safety glass windows, tablet personal computer, one way loud speaker, dome lights, defroster fans CD player radio, plenty of storage and an operator's seat that can be adjusted in 6 different ways.

Those that operate the 31000 know what it can do and even if you want to push this advanced machine a little further, you can. With a hydraulic test kit, export packaging, portable diesel power unit, more lights and a 275 ton wide body shackle assembly, the best crane that Manitowoc has to offer in the United States can be setup to do just about any task. (source: Bigge)

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