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Handling Your Diecast Collection

Handling Your Diecast Collection

Posted by Weiss Broz on 18th May 2024

Proper handling of your diecast models is essential to preserve their condition and prevent damage. Here’s how to handle your collection with care:

Clean Hands or Gloves

Always handle your diecast models with clean hands or wear gloves. Oils and dirt from your hands can tarnish the finish and attract more dust. Gloves provide an extra layer of protection against smudges and fingerprints.

Support Delicate Parts

When moving or inspecting your models, support any delicate or protruding parts to prevent breakage. Handle the models by their base or sturdy areas to avoid putting pressure on fragile components.

Minimize Direct Contact

Reduce direct contact with the painted surfaces as much as possible. This helps maintain the integrity of the paint and detailing. Use tools like soft cloths or padded grips when necessary.

Inspect for Damage

Regularly inspect your diecast models for any signs of wear or damage. Early detection allows you to address issues promptly and maintain the value of your collection. Look for loose parts, paint chips, or signs of corrosion.

Handle with Care During Cleaning

When cleaning your models, use gentle methods to avoid scratching or damaging the paint. Avoid using excessive force and opt for soft, non-abrasive materials. Proper handling during cleaning preserves the appearance and longevity of your collection.

By following these handling tips, you can ensure that your diecast collection remains in excellent condition and continues to look its best.

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