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Revolutionizing India's Energy Sector: Mammoet Deploys World's Largest Cranes

Revolutionizing India's Energy Sector: Mammoet Deploys World's Largest Cranes

Posted by Weiss Broz on 25th Jun 2023

Mammoet's Record-Breaking Deployment of Heavy Lift Ring Cranes in India

The fast-growing energy sector in India has seen a significant boost with the arrival of three of the world's largest heavy lift ring cranes, a first in the country's history, courtesy of Mammoet, a global giant in the  heavy lifting and transport sector. Providing a staggering combined lifting power of 8,600 tons, these cranes are playing an instrumental role in the country's burgeoning energy market. 

With their efficient and versatile design, these cranes can be transported globally, and their compact nature allows for on-site operations that substantially decrease construction lead times and additional civil work expenses.

High Capacity Ring Cranes: Pioneering Infrastructure Developments in Gujarat and Rajasthan

At the forefront of this impressive fleet is the PTC210-DS, a 5,000-ton capacity ring crane deployed in Gujarat for the installation of hefty refinery components. Also operating in Rajasthan are the 1,600-ton capacity PTC35-DS and the 2,000-ton PT50, diligently carrying out extensive refinery installations. 

These cranes stand out for their ability to perform extensive sitewide lifting from a single location, reducing relocation downtime and minimizing on-site civil works. Besides, their high operating speed makes them ideal for time-sensitive projects involving numerous lifts.

Mammoet's Upcoming Projects: Boosting Efficiency and Productivity in India's Energy Infrastructure

Mammoet's unprecedented accomplishments in India not only demonstrate its technical abilities but also affirm its credibility as a dependable partner for the country's energy sector. The company's commitment to providing innovative lifting solutions tailored to India's growing needs cements its position as an industry leader. 

The upcoming deployment of two additional cranes, the 4,300-ton class SK190 and the remarkable 6,000-ton SK6000, reaffirms Mammoet's dedication to enhancing India's energy infrastructure. These colossal cranes will significantly increase efficiency and productivity in numerous Indian projects, particularly in modular construction and during shutdown activities.